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Racing simulation games on EBG with new Codemasters deal

Posted on 16 Oct 2015 in STEAM Deals,Racing Games

Fantastic new Codemasters games now available on the Edgebound Games Steam key store

We're happy to announce that DiRT Rally, Formula 1 2015, Grid 2 Reloaded, Grid Autosport, Operation Flashpoint Complete pack and the Overlord Complete pack are all now available to buy at Edgebound Games!

The deal with Codemasters allows us to offer their impressive selection of racing simulators including the ever popular Formula 1 franchise. Not only that but we've also recently added a few of Codemasters' classic FPS and RPG's bundled in to packs that include 2 or 3 games in some cases. Keep your eye out for upcoming updates from Edgebound Games as we continue to expand our catalogue with new releases and new deals with publishers.

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